Jersey Boys (the musical)

Jersey Boys was just finishing its San Francisco run, and based on 3 recommendations, we decided to pick up tickets.  SF locals – be advised that the Curran theatre must have been built when people were an average hight of 5’5″ and had bladders the size of basketballs.  Bryan, who is 6’4″, had to sit sideways, and there were only SIX women’s stalls to accomodate the entire theatre.  Now imagine the crowd for Jersey Boys (sorry mom!), now imagine the line for 6 stalls.  Not pretty.
The play itself was really enjoyable.  We unfortunately didn’t get to see the core cast; the understudy for Frankie Valli performed at ours (Saturday matinee – did I mention we aren’t cool?).  The music was good and it was actually very funny.  My dad warned me about the language, but anyone who has watched the Soprano’s has heard worse.  Half the time it was the language that made it so funny.  Net/net, if Jersey Boys is your area, I would suggest checking it out, just make sure your local theatre was built later than the early 1900’s. 

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