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Never having created a BLOG before (and now being laid up on the couch after foot surgery) I thought it the perfect time to start a list of the books I am reading: the must reads, the must avoids, and the many “tweeners”. Being an insatiable reader who is always interested in the recommendations of others, I thought perhaps there might be other folks out there looking for some suggestions as well. Yes, a book club would be a good option, but then we are obligated to read something we might not be interested in. This way, no strings attached, no obligations, just opinions:-)
With that, here goes….

One thought on “Jaimie's Book BLOG

  • i love that you’re doing this. i’ve always wondered when you would explore some new avenue, that give you a hopefully refreshing break from the
    timeless hours spent at work…or maybe that last part refers to myself….i dont know what i can add at the moment, but you know i always listen to
    your recomendations, after all you are my big sis. I can say that i have to narrow my choices down because i have four to five books that i’m in the
    middle of yet none of them seem to reached an ending. Maybe i just don’t want them to end.. i can definately say that tori amos’ book “pieces” is one for the collection.
    thanks for listening,

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