The Four Agreements, by Don Miguel Ruiz

This is a really quick read. In a nut shell the 4 agreements are not to gossip, not take things people say personally, don’t make assumptions, and always do your best. Seems like simple and obvious enough advise, which I didn’t find particularly life shattering. In short, I can’t really recommend this one, although it’s such a short read that it’s not too much of an investment if you decide to read it.

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  • I agree with Jaime on how the four basic principles are pretty “straight forward and basic.” However, it is amazing how most of us need to read something like this to put lifes simple agreements in perspective. Over the years of socialization, we tend to get caught up in things like impressing others or telling little white lies to protect people, etc. I highly reccomend this book to everyone as a refresher on how to be a good human. Since it’s a quick read it’s well worth it. I also know a few people like my younger brother who carry it around with him and seem to be a totally different person because of reading it. Very few books have that kind of power..while you are at it skim The can watch the seven minute clip on you tube or you can read the first half as the second half tends to be redundate but it’s worth understanding the concept all the same. Afterwards ask Jaime what “Remote Viewing” is. She has a great story that ties into the principles of “The Secret”

  • Thanks Aim! I should probably re-read this one. It has been a while. You have peaked my curiosity on The Secret as well. I thought that one was fiction! I will have to add it to the Amazon queue.

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