The Dive from Clausen's Pier, by Ann Packer

I was browsing in Barnes and Noble last weekend, waiting for Bryan to find one Java book or another, and a woman about my age asked for a book recommendation. I was only too happy to oblige, and the book she recommended in return was this one.
The plot is about a young woman who experiences a tragedy and has to make a difficult decision. My opinion is that the underlying theme is about a woman trying to find out who she is, and needing to seperate herself from her childhood identity to do that. Have you gone to your high school reunion? If you have, you the know what I am talking about. You step into the room filled with people that knew you when you were 16, and you think, I am not that person anymore. I can’t say that I liked the main character. In fact, I wish she had been stronger. I wish she had set out on her own, not tied to a man or relationship. Her choice in relationship is so obviously bad from my perspective. However, the book had me from the first chapter, and I did complete it in a week.
I would recommend this one, and I would be interested to hear your thoughts if have read it as well.
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