Salem's Lot, by Stephen King

This review is dedicated to my dad:-)   Salem’s Lot was the first non-young adult book I ever read.  I was in 5th grade and still reading Nancy Drew and The Chronicles of Narnia, when my dad handed me Salem’s Lot.  I don’t think I told him at the time, but after reading this book, I spent several sleepless nights staring at the sliver of night peaking through my bedroom drapery, hoping that I wouldn’t see two glowing red eyes or hear the scratching of unnaturally long nails.  My mom probably warned my dad and I against reading this type of material at that age, but I would never have admitted she was right.  Salem’s Lot is a phenomenal vampire story, probably one of the best in my opinion.  And thanks to my dad and his (albeit perhaps early) introduction to his novels, Stephen King is one of my all time favorite authors.  I was literally saddened when the Dark Tower Series ended, more so than for any other series (including Harry Potter).   The Stand should also not be missed (my Dad would be disappointed if I forgot about the Walking Dude;-).
With Halloween right around the corner, and the days getting just a little shorter, curling up with a Stephen King novel might just be the perfect escape from …. work, kids, house cleaning, getting the car washed, you get the picture!