ADP Tori Amos Tour – December 7, Oakland

I have attended every Tori Amos concert since Under the Pink. For some reason, last Friday’s concert was my favorite among them. The people attending the concert, and Tori herself, had such positive energy that night.
I loved the remix of Raspberry Swirl and Bouncing Off Clouds.  I think sitting in row N of the Orchestra section helped improve the sound – historically I have always felt the band drowned Tori out, but I was usually in the balcony.
And as per the blogs, yes they were filming so the song sets were fairly standard, and no Tori didn’t improvise much, but I honestly didn’t care!  I really just had a great time, shared a lot of positive energy with a room full of happy people.  Should we expect more from a concert?  Perhaps some do, but this is one tour I am really glad I didn’t miss!