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Less than zero…?

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

I was eating my favorite breakfast this morning, Chobani Greek Style Yogurt, and enjoying the surprising number of pomegranate seeds that were in the mix.  Normally this yogurt has < 1 chobani-yogurtgram of fiber, not ideal of course, but I am currently enamored with the 14g of protein this particular brand/style of yogurt provides.  Given the nice pop of seeds, I expected this flavor might exceed the normal < 1g of fiber statistic.

However, when I looked at the label I found this: Dietary Fiber less than 0g.

What!?!  Does this yogurt not only not contain fiber, but does it actually somehow suck it out of my body??  Is Chobani Pomegranate flavor somehow a fiber black hole?

For now, I am going to assume it was mislabeled.   Or perhaps I am just not smart enough to understand < 0 as it pertains to nutritional value. Whatever the case I think it is the first time I have seen such a unique claim on a food label, and trust me, I read a lot of labels.

Wonderworld Jolly Walker Push Toy

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Have you watched Modern Family?  If so did you see the episode when they attend a Gymberee class?   Or have you ever just attended a Gymberee class yourself?jollywalker_

If you have, and especially if you are in the Bay Area, you are familiar with the crazily competitive parents out there, proudly trotting beside their 10 month olds who can walk, talk and make homemade bread simultaneously.

It is because of these parents we have avoided classes such as Gymberee.  However, we eventually concluded that this may be a selfish reason deny our daughter the opportunity to play with fun gym equipment and interact with other little babies.  We are now official Gymberee members.

Where does the Jolly Walker fit in?  I hate to think we are becoming competitively crazed Bay Area parents, but we did realize that of all the class, our kiddo was one of the few not yet walking.  Now granted she is on the young side at only 11 months. And it is honestly easier for me if she isn’t walking.  But perhaps we were holding her back to make things easier for ourselves; or perhaps we got a small bite by the competitive bug and wanted to see our little one toddling around the room as well.

Whatever the reason, we received the Jolly Walker as a gift from her grandparents for her first birthday, ensuring us this was the toy they used to get their youngest, a late walker, to finally walk. The walker was assembled, and the baby was stuck on the back of it, and she immediately started walking along behind her little “shopping cart” as if she had been doing it every day of her young life!

What is great about this particular walker is you can adjust the friction applied to the wheels, therefore slowing down or speeding up the rate at which the cart can role.  We have her at a “tortoise” pace right now, but I am afraid it won’t be long until our goal of her walking is met.  Just yesterday she stood on her own for the first time.

Therefore, I have to rate our experience with this walker as outstanding. It worked as advertised, and quickly, and it doesn’t “scoot” out from under her by going too fast.   Just be prepared to have your infant toddle her way into toddlerhood before your very eyes…