Less than zero…?

I was eating my favorite breakfast this morning, Chobani Greek Style Yogurt, and enjoying the surprising number of pomegranate seeds that were in the mix.  Normally this yogurt has < 1 chobani-yogurtgram of fiber, not ideal of course, but I am currently enamored with the 14g of protein this particular brand/style of yogurt provides.  Given the nice pop of seeds, I expected this flavor might exceed the normal < 1g of fiber statistic.
However, when I looked at the label I found this: Dietary Fiber less than 0g.
What!?!  Does this yogurt not only not contain fiber, but does it actually somehow suck it out of my body??  Is Chobani Pomegranate flavor somehow a fiber black hole?
For now, I am going to assume it was mislabeled.   Or perhaps I am just not smart enough to understand < 0 as it pertains to nutritional value. Whatever the case I think it is the first time I have seen such a unique claim on a food label, and trust me, I read a lot of labels.