Catching Fire & Mockingjay, by Susan Collins

Catching Fire is the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy.  I loved this one too!   The beginning is perhaps a touch slower than the start to Book 1, but I suppose fire is a bit like that too.  Starts off inocuous enough before roaring to life at a pace you struggle to keep up with.   It will only leave you pining to read Mockingjay.
Mockingjay is a bit of a different story.   This book continues on the theme of war, with a rapid fire of as many weapons as difficult choices.    What is acceptable in war?  Do you hold on to your humanity, or suspend it for the perceived greater good?  Where do you draw the line?
But if you crawl into this book like I did, thinking you were in the company of a good friend who would tell you everything will be ok, you may be disappointed.  The violence of this “young adult” book rivals anything by Stephen King.
Mockingjay  left my mind filled with horrific images that literally kept me up at night.   True that I am a mother and a big softy when it comes to kids, but still.
Did I love the series? YES! Would I recommend it?  TO EVERYONE!  Did Mockingjay leave me saddened and feeling a little broken?  Unfortunately I have to yes to that too…