The Things 3 year Old's Say

We had our work holiday party last night, and the kiddos were invited.  My 3 year old was so excited to come to mommy’s work party, she had trouble sleeping the night before, and got dressed in her purple dress hours before the party.
Below are some of my favorite quotes from the evening (and Caitlin, please don’t kill mommy for these when you are a teenager – just remember – you were only 3!)
She looks around the room at all the people my husband and I are chatting with and says, “Mommy, you have so many friends!”  How cute is that?  🙂
While I am talking to several co-workers, she looks up at me and declares, “Mommy, I have to go poop.”  This was met by much giggling by said co-workers, who were not yet parents.
After 3 failed potty attempts, she finally goes to the potty with daddy.  While sitting on the potty in the men’s room, she hears someone going to the bathroom in the stall next to her (who also happened to be a co-worker), “Daddy someone is going pee over there. Can I go under go under and look?”  DOH!!
Caitlin, always remember you are my favorite, and I will always love you most:-)