Case Histories, by Kate Atkinson

Case Histories is the second Atkinson novel I have read.  Having loved When Will There Be Good News, I had to see if they were all that good!
Admittedly, after reading through the first 3 “case histories”, I very nearly decided to take a pass on this novel.  It was so depressing!
However, I decided to continue reading, and having done so, I now think I get the type of stories Atkinson writes.  It seems many of her characters face all sorts of horrendous, heartbreaking situations, and through the course of the novel, they find a way to get past the tragedy and relearn how to embrace life.  It’s also a mystery, much like WWTBGN, as each of the “case histories” are really unsolved mysteries.
Would I recommend this book?  Yes, with the caveat that starts off pretty heavy handed with 3 sad “histories”.  Would I read another Atkinson novel?  Probably.  But I think I may take a break for a bit…