Best Friends Forever, by Jennifer Weiner

I usually love Jennifer Weiner’s work.  In particular I enjoyed Good in Bed and In Her Shoes. They were authentic, believable and most of all, the characters were likable.  I feel bad even writing this, but I just can’t finish Best Friends Forever.
I cringe while writing this post; after all, who am I to judge?  It is easy to cast stones, especially within the anonymous abyss of the internet.  I was really trying to finish the book, so as to have a complete review.  Perhaps it is my exhaustion at working full time with a 10 month old.  Jennifer, certainly you can understand that one!
In general, I enjoy Ms. Weiner’s work, loved seeing her when she spoke here in the Bay Area, and I think her blog is HILARIOUS!  I do however, recommend her earlier works more.
Up next – a book on the psychology of influence (similar to Made To Stick, but backed by some science), then Dan Brown’s new one.  Yea I know.  It’s going to be formulaic writing to the core, but it must be read!

best friends forever