Breaking Up with Heroes (and other misguided wastes of tube time)

I tried this summer, really tried, to ween myself off the tube.  I made it through a several weeks of limited TV, and spent my time reading and making a lot of homemade baby food (I was particularly proud of my extremely popular blueberry puree).  heroes_title_card
Then the inevitability of the Fall 2009 TV season rolls around, and I immediately, shamelessly, fall off the wagon.
What I realized, is that I am just too tired to fight the temptation.   However, I did manage to get several hours of my life back by breaking up with a few shows.
1. Heroes.  What happened to this show?  What started off with so much promise, is now rote and repetitive.  I don’t care about the carny characters, I don’t care about whiny Clair, and I don’t care about Syler popping in and out.  Ugh.
2. CSI (the original).  It was bad all last season.  Bones and Criminal Minds are so much better.
3. Mad Men.  This show can be very clever, and is subtle and well acted. It just doesn’t move quickly enough for my reality-TV-junky taste.
4.  Numbers.  I never really watched this one, but hubby did.  I still won’t watch it. The main character is so annoying!  “Math can solve anything!” The only math I am interested in is the math that will pay off my mortgage.
5. Law and Order. Still a great show, but it didn’t make the short list.
6. Dancing with the Stars. I miss this one. But we can’t watch it while Tom Delay is on it.  It is disturbing enough to see the clips on The Daily Show and Colbert Report.
What was I not strong enough not to give up? Survivor (love this show AND Jeff Probst’s blog), Amazing Race (can’t wait for Sunday!), Biggest Loser (this show keeps me motivated while spinning at 5:30AM), Bones, Criminal Minds, and Glee (I love that this show is unabashedly corny, while still well written) .
Happy watching, or for those much stronger than I, happy not-watching;-)

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  • I am also a Survivor junkie. Guilty pleasures must be served. 🙂 And yes, Tom Delay on DWTS is more than I can handle. Much, much more.

  • What do you think of Russell? Unbelievable that he found the idol – TOLD them he was looking for it – and then just walks away with it. The guy is destroying his own team from within. Time will tell if his scheme will work.

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