My Favorite Caitlin-isms

Caitlin is now 2.5 years old, and quite the character.  Here are some of my favorite Caitlin-isms to date.
Scene: Dad and Caitlin were late arriving at class due to a car fire on the freeway. Dad also had a pinched nerve in his lower back and had trouble getting in and out of the car.
Dad, as he tries to get out of the car: “Son of a…!”
Caitlin: “Daddy I want to walk to class.”
Dad: “Caitlin we are late so I have to carry you.”
Teacher: “Hi Caitlin, how are you today?”
Caitlin: “Good.  Daddy carried me, couldn’t walk, because Daddy had a Son of a.”
Scene: Dad and Caitlin were watching a Caillou episode about growing up.
Dad: “Caitlin what are you going to be when you grow up?”
Caitlin: “The Cat in the Hat!”
Scene: It was awful quiet and Caitlin had slipped into mommy’s bathroom.
Mom: “Caitlin, where are you?”
Caitlin, as she is uncapping mommy’s lipstick and applying it to her lips, “Just fine, Mommy!”

Caitlin’s top reasons for getting out of bed:
The kids outside are too loud. (kind of liget)
Fire truck get me! (probably not)
Mommy want Tinkerbell blanket.
Want blue blanket.
Mommy want Dora.
Mommy not tired, can’t sleep.
I’m freezing! (even though it’s 77 deg in the house)
I’m too hot (the air conditioning is on)
Mommy strange sound outside (it’s a chainsaw – pretty annoying actually)
Mommy, need another hug and kiss (how can you resist that one??)